Guidance Package

This 3-session package is Ideal for families seeking support and guidance at any stage of their stepparenting, co-parenting, or divorce. The 3 sessions can be used within a 6 month period, and provide a structured approach to transforming family relationships.

This comprehensive package includes a detailed intake and family mapping session (1.5 hours), implementation follow up (1 hour), and customized “next steps” session (1 hour) where we will develop a plan for continuing progress.


Parent Power Session

This one-time session offers parents an opportunity get answers and guidance for their most pressing problems and complex challenges. I can help to identify trouble areas while providing developmentally appropriate strategies to help improve the situation for you and your kids.

Common topics addressed in Parent Power sessions include telling children about an upcoming change like divorce or re-marriage, and overcoming obstacles in stepparent/child relationships, and how to reduce and address teen drama.

1.5 Hours


Clear Communication Session

Transitions often require careful discussions. This one-time session provides tools to empower clients to achieve direct and honest communication with any of the players in their transition, including co-parent, new partner, their children, and potentially extended family.

In addition to in-person communication, I can help edit communications such as texts, emails, and letters to help achieve a respectful tone and avoid unproductive arguments. It only takes one willing and open participant to improve your family’s communication dynamic.

1.5 Hours


Help Line Package

Support is just a call away with this convenient maintenance package. Use these 3, 30-minute phone sessions as your personal help line. I’ll be there to offer real-time solutions to communication challenges, unexpected obstacles, or simply to give you confidence as you prepare for a difficult discussion.

This package can be used in conjunction with any other package to assist in real-time maintenance and communication strategies. If not immediately available, I’ll be there to provide support via phone, text, or email within one business day.

To be used within 6 months
1.5 Hours


Life Coaching Package

Get started with a 3-session package. Life is full of challenges, and making the choice to invest in your own personal development will give you the tools you need to bravely face each obstacle. Whether you are facing a life change, feeling stagnant in your path, or are an adult child of divorce, life coaching can help.

Together, we can assess where you are, reflect on and reveal what is truly important to you, and implement a plan that supports you in creating the life you deserve.

3.5 Hours



Family Mediation Sessions

Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process which empowers people to resolve their disputes in a personalized and effective way. Working with a mediator gives families a valuable opportunity to directly and confidentially address their personal challenges through open communication. As an alternative to divorce, mediation can help couples avoid the financial and emotional costs of litigation.

Mediation can provide a supportive environment ideal for couples, families, and individuals in the midst of difficult transitions related to divorce, post-divorce actions, or child related disputes. As a mediator, I can help empower your family to create or amend parenting plan agreements, keeping decisions and outcomes in the control of your family, not a courtroom. Schedule a call for a free, 30-minute consultation to learn if mediation is the right choice for your unique situation.


Consulting Services

If you or your business requires a consulting expert, contact me to discuss how I might serve your needs. I have experience serving as a consulting expert in family matters related to divorce, stepparenting, and co-parenting. I can serve as an educator for a lunch and learn, a co-collaborator for parenting plans, or simply provide support and parent education for your clients.


Sometimes it takes a team to help people navigate difficult transitions. I frequently collaborate with local organizations and professionals who offer a wide range of skills and expertise. I am happy to serve as a resource for referrals or to facilitate support including:
Parent and Stepparent Workshops
Divorce Workshops
Certified Divorce Financial Analysis (CDFA)
Financial Coaching
Certified Divorce Real Estate & Mortgage Lending Services
Child-Focused Mediation, Attorneys, Therapists, and Wellness Practitioners

Contact me for referral information, and I will be happy to help connect you with skilled professionals who can help your family.



Accreditations and Affiliations